Blissful endings

30 10 2007


Ok, so this is my blog. Not sure what to do with it really…

It seems very strange to be nearly finished a year of Uni, I feel like I’m only just getting started. I don’t really want to finish, I’m really enjoying it, and apart from some short periods of intense stress, I like the environment.

My favourite things about SCA

The people – I really feel affection for everyone in my class, they are all great in their own ways and I feel really fortunate to have happened to jump back into Uni at this particular moment to meet all these great people.

Anyone who is reading this is probably going ‘Oh my god, how soppy, could she be any more of a clichéd wanker?’ But I don’t care, I’m feeling particularly happy at the moment and that feeling kind of spreads out to my feelings about everyone in my life.

Besides if you think its tacky or stupid to express yourself then you are the wanker, cause life’s too short and there’s no such thing as being too happy, cause you never know when things will disintegrate.

Not to leave out people who are not in my class, I’ve encountered a lot of other interesting people too but just don’t get much opportunity to get to know anyone who isn’t in jewellery studio.

The guy with the hunch and the suitcase – He is intriguing, and I like the idea that he is so connected with the place that he becomes a part of SCA. At the art school ball, he was there, sitting on a couch and it was perfect.

Making art as the main thing that I do with my time – I went through such a big break with ‘art making’ and various crises and differing attitudes towards art in general. Deciding to come back was really hard. I wasn’t sure throughout the whole process, I got a portfolio together at the last minute because I knew if I didn’t that I had to wait a whole nuther year, at the interview, after I was selected, when I enrolled, at no point was I sure that I wanted to go back to Uni, but now I am so sure that it was the right thing to do, and think that it may turn out to be one of the best decisions I ever make.

The way that art focuses my attention on the world, and how anything I do, see, hear or think can be research for my art practice – At the start of the year, in our very first project I noticed this. The project was to make a ring called ‘cut and fold’ using a technique of folding metal( where you file a groove into sheet material until the groove is almost all the way through, so that a thin line appears on the other side, then fold and solder the join together). So I started thinking about angles and corners and then they appeared everywhere. Every building I walked past became a folded piece of metal….